The colour palette is one of the main tools in the identity. The colours range from dark tones, to vibrant and dense hues and softer pastelles. The palette facilitates creating fresh and vibrant colour combinations.

Colour management

To achieve the desired colour variety in the identity, please use the colours actively and strive for fresh combinations with a minimum of three colours on a layout. Crisp contrasts and a multicoloured appearance is crucial in order to build the correct brand personality.

Please note
An exception to the general colour management principle is accepted on promotional products/giveaways where use of only one or two colours is an option. Please see Inspiration for examples.

Colour contrast and combinations

Sufficient contrast
Please make sure the combined colours have sufficient contrast for optimal legibility. The greatest contrast is achieved by combining dark tones with vibrant tones, or dark tones with pastelles.

More vibrant colour combinations
The colour palette also enables the use of bolder colour combinations. An even more energetic look can be achieved by combining pastelles and vibrant colours, or by using a pastelle as background colour with dark or vibrant elements on top.

Step by step

The safer colour combinations may be sufficient and preferrend in an introduction phase of the new identity. The vibrant look is an option which may be natural and appropriate to introduce down the line when the new brand identity is thoroughly identifiable among the target market.

Feel free to experiment with the diverse colour expression created for Vikinglotto. Use your design skills and trained eye to find the right combination for your design.

Please see Inspiration for examples. See also the Highlight Element for specific colour guidelines.