The Highlight Element separates the Call-to-Action information from other communication and conceptual messages, and creates attention without having to challenge the large numbers in terms of size.

The Highlight Element is also an identity tool which builds brand visibility and recognition, and also brings an additional opportunity to create the desired multicolour expression of Vikinglotto.

The Highlight Element consists of a colour block which, like a highligting pen, encircles short, informative text.


Please follow this example and setup when using the Highlight Element.

Always leave room equal to 1/8 of the block height above and below the text.

The gap between blocks should always be equal to 1/8 of the block height.

Logo placement

When placing the logo in combination with/below the highlight element, the space between should be equal to the height of the logo.

As a general rule, the logo should never be wider than the narrowest colour block, but exceptions may occur.

Universal design (contrast and legibility)

The Highlight Element
There are specific colour guidelines for the Highlight Element in order to ensure optimal legibility in keeping with the requirements for universal design.

Text colour options in the Highlight Element:

  1. White
  2. VL Blue
  3. Dark Blue

The text colour should never be the same as the backgrund colour to prevent the appearance of a see through effect.

Colour blocks
There are several colour options for the colour blocks as presented in the visual example. Make sure you choose a colour for the colour block that creates sufficient contrast to the overlying text and background.

Please note
The large numbers or larger text is not affected by these guidelines which only apply to small point text and/or large amounts of text.

See Colour Principles and Typography/Fonts for more guidelines.

For the Highlight Element on pastelles and vibrant colours, use white text on a VL Blue or Dark Blue colour block.

On darker backgrounds there is a wide range of colour options for the Highlight Element. Please pick one from the examples shown, and remember that the text and background colours should never be the same to avoid see through effect.