Vikinglotto’s images reflect the brand personality through happy and jolly people in real life situations that you and I can relate to. Faces should portray warmth and genuineness through wide authentic smiles and excited yet natural facial expressions. The photos should exude a glimpse in the eye. Quirkiness and “imperfection” is just the right kind of charming to look for.

The photo can be a portrait, however it is essential that the person in the picture doesn’t have an artificial or contrived appearance, but rather conveys a natural and sincere expression.

Couples and groups
A photo may also feature two or more people. As with portraits, the people pictured should convey a natural and genuine look, and there should also be a sense of relationship and shared excitement.

All of Vikinglotto’s profile images are treated with a duotone effect using colours from the colour palette. The filter effect (for use in Photoshop) can be downloaded under How to apply duotone effect at the bottom of this page.

See Image Bank for viewing and downloading duotone treated photos ready for use, and guidelines for selecting new photos.

For examples of use, see Inspiration.

Clip art

Clipart is also an image option for communication. The object used should always be deep etched and processed with the same duotone colour treatment as the profile pictures.

These objects should be used in a context supported by a relevant message – before, after or on the same frame/page.


Illustrations used for identity and communication purposes should receive the same duotone colour treatment as the photos. Alternatively, the colour palette can be used to colourize the design.

Consistent use of image treatment and colour ensures identity recognition and presence of the desired surrealistic expression throughout.

Otherwise there are no specifications with regard to illustration style.

Selecting new photos

An image bank is available for your use when creating design, concepts and communication for Vikinglotto. For more info, please see Image Bank.

If your design requires adding a new photo, please use the following guidelines and keywords/criteria to search and select one that is within the Vikinglotto Image Style. Also, the duotone effect should always be applied to new photos – please see “How to apply duotone effect” above.

Authenticity, quirkiness and glimpse in the eye
Vikinglotto photos should portray charming “real life” people aged 20–40, rather than impeccable beautiful faces in perfect staging. Please avoid socalled “Colgate smiles”, supermodel beauties and Mr. Handsomes. What to look for is  charming and believable people, and we certainly don’t mind features that depict authenticity – like delightful freckles, big noses, gaps between teeth, and so on.

Alive, loving and jolly
Vikinglotto photos should reflect lively and dynamic people and situations conveying joy, happiness, great realtionships and love between friends and family. Their faces should portray warmth and genuineness through wide authentic smiles and excited yet natural facial expressions. Avoid photos of people and/or situations that look contrived.

People focus
The person/people in the photo should have the main focus. Surrounding elements and environment should not be too distinct. Avoid elements that create location references (ie. well known/historic landmarks, tourist attractions, street signs etc.).

Our photo Style is also mentioned under the “Photos” heading above.

Thumbs up

Charming, “real life” and believable smile and pose. Realaxed, warm and genuine. Natural beauty – not contrived.

Thumbs down
Contrived and unnaturally strained pose. The smile doesn’t appear genuin – she is making more of a silly, funny face.

Thumbs up
Both people and the situation feels real, genuine and relatable. They are a lively bunch of friends who are sharing a happy and impulsive moment, and whose faces depict joyous and lively expressions.

Thumbs down
The photo looks staged and lacks of authenticity achieved through real life imperfection. The crowd is too polished and perfect, and the feeling of close relationships is abscent.


Filnavn Last ned/lagre

How to apply the duotone effect

Always follow this instruction when creating new duotone photos.

Please note
Choose the right colour mode for the media you are designing – RGB for digital media/web, CMYK for print. The duotones are made with specific colour values from the palette, and a convertion later on will not result in correct colour rendering.

Please make sure you only use the predefined Vikinglotto gradients available for downloading. The colour combinations are selected from the colour palette to preserve entirety throughout the identity, and have been tested for optimal quality in contrast.


  1. Download the predefined gradient file for use in Photoshop using the download button:
    RGB for digital media/web: NT-VL-Gradients_RGB.grd.
    CMYK for print: NT-VL-Gradients_CMYK.grd
  2. Open your image in Photoshop and create a new “gradient map” adjustment layer.
  3. Click on the gradient under the properties tab.
  4. In the Gradient Editor, click the load button and load the predefined gradient file (downloaded in step 1).
  5. This installs all the ready-to-use gradients. Click on a gradient to see the name. Press OK to apply to image.