The Vikinglotto brand

Vikinglotto is a lottery which operates in several European countries. The logo is a brand element which unites the product across the different operating markets, and creates a coherent brand identity.

To reflect Vikinglotto’s poisition as a youthful brand our logo has received an updated design that appeals to our target audience. People in this group have the following characteristics; men and women, aged 25–45, with medium to high education and income.

Vikinglotto’s value proposition – The freedom to create a better life for yourself and your close ones – is a recurring theme throughout the brand identity.

Logo design
The logotype is based on a distinct sans serif which reflects the brand values and personality; social, friendly, energetic, likeable, adventurous, carefree and generous. The geometric and round shapes, and use of lowercase letters amplifies Vikinglotto’s approachable and cheerful personality.

The descender of the letter “g” in the logotype is converted into a smile, symbolizing the joy and excitement associated with the Vikinglotto brand.

Please note
The guidelines outlined in this document should always be followed when implementing the logo on any brand application and developing visual communication for Vikinglotto.