A layout system for communicating large numbers and/or creative concepts has been created in order to ensure a clear, unified and consistent visual expression throughout the Vikinglotto identity.

The layout principles revolve around the selection of what should play the main part in the artwork, and purposely makes it simple to chose focus relative to the brief and message.

Exceptions to the rule
Exceptions to the guidelines in this system may occur, eg when the width and height of a format poses problems for implementation. In such cases it is possible to look at a way to combine the two principles in one layout. Please see design sketch of mobile banner in Inspiration.

Layout principle 1: Large numbers

  • The numbers are groundbreaking and play the main part
  • No other messages on the layout
  • Highlighted text and logo (clustered formation).

Please see the Highlight Element for construction/clustering and more visual examples in Inspiration.

How to
Let the big numbers break out of the format. Use colours and contrasts activly to amplifie the large numbers. Cluster the highlighted text and logo. Please leave a distance between the logo and the highlighted text equal to the hight of the logo.

The large number and unit (eg «millioner») should preferably go beyond the egdes of the layout on at least two sides. Please be aware of balancing between an evident cropping and not disrupting the legibility.


Centre alignment of the text and other elements on the layout is adviced. To obtain a tidy expression, please limit the amount of elements and group them to leave space in between. It is also important to ensure sufficient difference in size to create a clear focus on the most important informations.

Layout principle 2: Creative messages

The creative message (text and/or image) is in the spotlight. The numbers still have a clear presence, but do not demand main focus. Logo and highlighted text have specific positions.

Layout allocation
The layout is devided in two by different colour modules. Module 2 with informational text should occupy maximum half of the layout or less.

Module 1: Creative message

Module 2: Information
Other information, eg The Highlight Element, logo and required text/prize information.

The layout is devided in two by different colour modules. Module 2 with informational text should occupy maximum half of the layout or less.

Placement and scaling of the abbreviation "Ca." before the jackpot

The typeface Mark Offc Pro Heavy is always used for the abbreviation ”Ca.” (or the equivalent in your language).

For layout principle 1
”Ca.” is always placed in combination with the jackpot as per the examples shown. For layout principle 1 with large numbers, make sure “ca.” is quite small but still legible. Please consider the format and size of your layout when deciding this, as we don’t want this element to take away from the focus on the large numbers.

The element should always be placed in front of and be top aligned with the number, or alternatively above the number on the left hand side of the layout. See examples.

For oversized number
”Ca.” should be placed on top of the large number (on the upper left part) as per the examples shown when the large numbers go beyond the format and it is impossible to place the element in front of or above it. Make sure the element has the same colour as the background and the right clear space around it.

For layout principle 2
When the layout follows principle 2 and when the physical size of the number is relatively small, “Ca.” should always be placed in front of and bottom aligned with the number. See examples.