The Smile

The Smile naturally plays a part in animations for displays and web banners etc., but can also be used on static and printed layouts. When using The Smile, please be aware of the following principles. 1. As part of dramaturgy in animation The Smile should be used as a single main element on the layout to express joy and excitement, and as such right before or after the big numbers or messages. See also guidelines for use of The Smile (in the Design Elements section). For more detailed information around use of The Smile in animation, please see animation guidelines. 2. When The Smile is used on static layouts it should never be as mere decoration, but always in support of the communication/message. However, on applications such as giveaways, t-shirts etc., less restricted use is accepted. Please see Inspiration for examples.

Please note
When using images, a smile will always be present, and for that reason the graphic smile should never be applied on top of or next to pictures and/or illustrations.


Filnavn Last ned/lagre

Correct use of the smile – placement

When using the smile independently it is important that the shape is treated like a smile to emphazise the meaning of the symbol. You should be able to visualize (a majority of) the face above the smile, and place it on the format like a smile would appear on a face. The general rule is that the smile can be centred on the format, or placed below the vertical centre.

The symbol can also be combines with textual and typographic elements figuring as eyes above the smile.

Correct use of the smile – size

When placing The Smile on a layout, please ensure that there is sufficient difference in size between the graphic element and the smile in the logo – the graphic element should be noticeably larger than the smile in the logo.

The Smile as a part of dramaturgy

Wrong use of the smile

The placement of the smile should never weaken the meaning of a smile. The symbol should never be placed further up than centred on the format.

The smile should never appear to have any other function than being the symbol of a smile. Do not rotate or reflect the smile, and never add any other connotations to it.