Tone of Voice

The following is a first draft for Vikinglotto’s tone of voice which supports who we are—not through what, but through how we communicate.

The voice creates a common understanding of how textual and verbal communication for Vikinglotto should be executed and presented.

Vikinglotto’s communication is honest and straightforward. Our prizes are sensationally big, and these shall of course be communicated clearly and directly. But, our communication should never be considered cheap.

We let our big prizes speak for themselves, avoid (sales) clichés and empty phrases, and are thrifty with superlatives. A creative and humorous language underpins the large rewards, or that the deadline soon runs out.

Vikinglotto dares to be funny. We dare to create stop effect and be noticed. When being funny our voice is clear, original, challenging and startling. Vikinglottos voice should be simple and contemporary, but never youthful. We willingly use new words, but steer away from dated words and phrases, slang and jargon.

We communicate actively—personal and direct. We avoid words that are formal and thereby create distance. We are gladly smart but never pretentious, and should never be perceived as elitist or exclusionary.