Filnavn Last ned/lagre

Main endorsement logo


Filnavn Last ned/lagre

Secondary endorsement logo

Protection zone

The minimum clear space around both the main and secondary logo is equal to the size of the letter “o” in Vikinglotto. The same rule applies to logo versions with endorsment.

For the logo to be legible and visible it is important that the logo has enough empty space surrounding it – any other elements should never be placed within the protection zone.

Minimum size

The minimum size of the main endorsement logo is 30 mm printed and 140 px on screen. The secondary endorsement logo has to be minimum 18 mm on print and 85 px on screen. This is to ensure that the logo’s legibility is optimal, even on smaller formats, such as app’s.


The primary logo colour is bright Royal Blue.

The turquoise colour is an additional colour meant for backgrounds and for the smile when used independently. The logo itself or parts of it, should never appear in this colour.

A combined use of the Royal Blue and turquoise gives the brand a fresh and vivid expression.

Please note
The CMYK interpretation of the colours are not as vivid as RGB due to normal technical limitiations with printed colours. When optional, PMS colours are preferred for print.


1. The logo should only appear in it’s defined propotions. Never stretch or skew the logo in any direction! In case of space issues, consider use of the secondary logo.

2. The logo should always have a 90˚ horizontal position. Never tilt, rotate or reflect the logo or any parts of it.

3. Never create any other versions of the logo than the versions defined here. Do not split the word, create any new configurations or change the colour.

4. Always make sure there is adequate contrast between logo and background to preserve legibility.